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#185 Monday's MOC of the Week: Rivendell Micro-scale

Let's start the year off good with today's MOC feature, Rivendell in Micro-scale by soccersnyderi on Flickr. You can check out his account here:

Rivendell, a mythical city featured in the Lord of The Rings books and films, inhabited by elves. The buildings look very accurate to the elfish architecture to this scale, with techniques used to get the required shapes, and cheese slopes in various colours doing a great job of showing the colour roofs. The landscape around the buildings has been crafted perfectly, with a vibrant and interesting use of hair pieces, usually used for minifigures, to act as trees. The landscape looks very natural and seems to flow well into each other, despite the varying colours, thanks to the great use of sloped bricks. Finally, a waterfall is well represented by clear cheese slopes, where the bricks colour below is shown making it realistic.

This MOC goes to show that with a unique twist such as the hair as trees, even a micro build with so few piece can be stunning. Check out the link above for more micro builds, and don't forget to check out the other post of today, the monthly update as well as plans for 2018.


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