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#186 TECHNIQUES - Unusual bar connections

When you think of a LEGO bar or rod, you probably think of a 3L or 4L bar, usually used for weapons such as lightsabers.

However, Marcin Otreba on Flickr, known by me as the creator of ultra realistic builds, has used flexible rods, connected to minifigure hands to create human ribs. The hole inside the flexible rods is not large enough for 3L or 4L bars, but minifigures hands are the perfect size, and they even attach to clips such as the side of a surf board. This ingenious part use is great practice for your MOCs, as the unusual connection works very well in achieving the shape of the ribs.

Check out the builder's Flickr here: for some stunning, ultra realistic builds, with the most recent being his bubble ship and Game of Thrones dragon.


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