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#1874 MOC OF THE WEEK: Al Amarj Island by Patrick Massey

This week’s MOC of the Week is Al Amarj by Patrick Massey @mass_editor - an exceptionally detailed build covering so many different locations and techniques.

The main tower shows off geometric patterns in the brickwork and sweeping arches around the distinctive windows and golden ornaments. This contrasts spectacularly with the heavier brickwork patterns and misaligned SNOT plates of the grey building as well as the buildings with environment the tower stand on.

The cliff faces use sloped pieces to create a jagged rock effect while lots of verdant vegetation covers the island. The waves and water are a layer of 1x1 studs laid around the build - perfect for conjuring images of gently lapping waves around the island.

Let us know your thoughts on this build in the comments!

Links to Patrick’s Flickr and Instagram:


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