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#1875 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION – Melting and Spilling Techniques

Today we are looking at how we can introduce some melting and spilling techniques into our MOCs! These are a great way to add some weight and energy to our scenes through an understanding of how these kinds of things happen. Featuring some amazing builds from some incredibly talented builders, this really is a great way to get all the inspiration you need!

Featuring builds from:

Giant ice cream: @bricklaboratory, @milanmadge, and Niek van Slagmaat (Toothdominoes on Flickr ( ))

Melting ice cream truck: Dallen Powell on Flickr (

Melting ice cream: @nobu_tary

Neat pie: @timofey_tkachev

Messy pie: @guillermodenavarre

(All on Instagram if not linked)


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