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#1896 DISCUSSION POST: Black Panther bust - Set vs MOC

Today we discuss the important impact of the official LEGO Black Panther Bust, how this fits in with LEGO’s Diversity and Inclusion statement and compare the set to a smaller MOC created by @glenn_tanner55.

We discuss some shortcomings of the official release but this is meant as constructive feedback to The LEGO Group as a whole and their strategy for their high cost sets that have big cultural impacts. This is not about blaming the designer who did the best job they could under challenging circumstances (the pandemic) and a design brief from LEGO.

The MOC we are comparing this set to is available on Rebrickable from @glenn_tanner55, who is a Tips&Bricks team member and the writer of this post. All proceeds Glenn makes from the sale of his Black Panther bust are donated to St Jude’s Children Research Hospital who deal with life threatening child illnesses. So far he has raised £201 ($242.62). Chadwick Boseman, who played Black Panther and who sadly passed from cancer, was involved with this hospital.

Check out the links below for more information and let us know your thoughts on the topic in the comments.


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