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#191 Sunday's SET ANALYSIS: Resistance Bomber

For those of you who have the Resistance Bomber, you will know how great a build it is (personally one of my favourite ever) and for those of you who haven't; take my word for it. It is a brilliant set, using some very clever SNOT techniques and Technic, so lets analyse how the rebel scum's bomber has been created:

1. SNOT - this is used for most of the bomber, both to line the outside of the interior area, and to create the "bombing shaft". This way, it is very strong, and resistant to any impacts. It also looks great from all sides, and houses the bombs.

2. Technic - this is used to link the "bombing shaft" to the main body, and is strong enough to secure the two together. As well as providing structure, pegs are used to build sideways to cover up the technic frame.

3. Contrasting colours - highlights of red and transparent orange engine glows help break up the colour scheme of greys and blue.

4. Technic functions - The bombing shaft is partly hollow, allowing the "bombs" to be placed in at the top, and roll down to the bottom. They are then dispensed at will by a trigger, which is made of technic parts and a elastic band.

5. Gunner bubbles - these have been built incredibly well, as the clear printed pieces give detail. The gunner bubble can also rotate from side to side (unfortunately not up and down)


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