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#2116 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Brick-built food -- Part 2: Fast Food

Despite not being real food, these MOCs are nutritious enough to inspire builders like you! Let's apply the two methods we learnt about in our last food post, post #2076, and dissect how they're built.

KosBrick (@kosbrick) on Flickr:

Jonas Wide (@widelego) on Flickr:

ArzLan (@arzlan_lego) on Flickr:

nobu_tary (@nobu_tary) on Flickr:

Joe (@jnj_bricks) on Flickr:

John Snyder (@littlejohn_brickbuilt) on Flickr::

Jen Spencer on Flickr:

jarekwally on Flickr:

Vincentkiew (@vincentkiew73) on Flickr:

Alexander Bing on Flickr:


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