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#216 TECHNIQUES - Connecting hexagon

This technique can be used to create hexagonal shapes and utilizes hinges and clips to provide a strong connection between each side. It can be built by following the instructions in the picture, but the sides can also be built up to make sure the tiles or attached pieces sit flush next to one another with no gaps.

The main pieces involved are the Technic Belt Wheel and Technic Pin Connector with one hole. These are essential, and when combined come together perfectly to make sure the attached pieces line up and sit well next to each other.

The strength of the connection comes from the hinges and clips attached, and allow the hexagonal shape to be completely hollow to include interior space. This technique could also be used for engines that need to be fairly long, as the strong connection would mean they hold their shape and don't bend under the weight of the pieces.

This technique and the MOC shown in the image is from Dallen Powell's Cosmic Slingshot Rocket on Lego Ideas:


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