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#2192 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 49668, 15070 and 15208 Modified Teeth Plates

The awaited comeback of these sharp plates is long overdue! Join us as we take a look at all these new uses of 3 different teeth plates, most of them were featured as a part of the Iron Builder Contest.

Which MOC is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Iron Builder Contest 2023:

Shark and Remoras by F.S. Leinad:

A Warm Retreat by Hubba Blöoba:

Hammerhead Shark by NikiFilik:

Vulture Valley by Giuseppe Fraccalvieri:

Fireflies by F.S. Leinad:

Thron Room by Margit:

Elven Forge by gGh0st:

The Wall by Marcin Otreba:

Moated Castle by Patrick B.:

Controller and Majoras Mask by Duncan Lindbo:

Remora Picture was taken from Wikipedia.


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