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#2260 MOC OF THE WEEK: Ultra Beasts Collab

From the depths of the Ultra Space, the Ultra Beasts have come to invade today's MOC of the Week! Today we'll be taking a look at a collab where several builders have come together to create Pokemon's most unorthodox subspecies, The Ultra Beasts.

Because of how uniquely designed the Ultra Beasts are, it has brought together builders who are fans of Pokemon, as well as those who aren't, to try and tackle these unusual creatures, and see how they can put their own spin on them or do their best to recreate them perfectly in LEGO form!

Featured Builders: @space_glove, @_ezreel_, @anderson_builder, @dv_mocs, @carecreations, @rons_oc, @aidan_jh, @petersheikah, @panuvara, @danielbrickson, @brick_diamonds


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