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#2276 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION - Build to Give 2023: Hearts

For each of the past seven years LEGO has invited fans, both young and young at heart, to make builds of a certain theme around the holidays as part of their #BuildToGive campaign. This November and December, the theme was hearts.

Tens of thousands of fans posted hearts, and many of them were quite impressive! Check out our post to learn more about the program and see the ones that stood out to us. And drop a mention in the comments for other hearts that you enjoyed seeing!

Featuring builds by:

@jakesadovich @brickthis @mrmaxxwell @kristelwhitaker @msslobrickda @brickfambuilds @femmefromtheblock @virginia_bricks @kimbrackman @hachiroku92 @kleinehexe94 @tung_le9 @toy.story.yana @cleocatra81


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