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#2335 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Grand Piano - Part 1 & 2

Updated: Mar 20

We proudly present this never-before 2-in-1 deep dive into the technical aspect of building a LEGO grand piano, mostly in minifig scale. Make sure to read both parts and share with us your thoughts and design!

Tips and Bricks logo. #2336 SET REVIEW: 21348: IDEAS Dungeons and Dragons: Red Dragon's Tale.  Celebrating 50 years of D&D!  Image shows a tall grey tower on a dark tan hill, with a stone bridge to one side, and a medieval building in front of it. There is a large red dragon above the bridge, and various magical creatures and minifigures around.   Our score: 23 out of 25 314.99 pounds, 359.99 dollars, 359.99 euros, for 3745 parts.  How does this set compare to the original fan design?  SPOILER WARNING! This set is also a D&D adventure! To break it down for review, this post features spoilers!

Featuring these builders for your inspiration: @ibrickeditup, @bricktothebrink, @dr.brickstein, @alanboar, @benjamin_calvetti, @pxyz_studio, @cmaddisoncreations, @marinbrickdesign, @stanleyshyeoh, @bricklaboratory, @sleepydonnychen, @legoparadiseofficial, Michael Jasper, Robert4168/Garmadon, Moritz, LEE YOUNG on Flickr, Masao Hidaka on YouTube, neroz, jvbricks on Rebrickable.


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