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#2339 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Weeping Wyvern by @lego.joey


Stalking in the woods is a lonely weeping wyvern. Let’s take a closer look at this magnificent MOC by @lego.joey and see what astounding techniques come together to make this creature so stunning.

Tips&Bricks post 2339. Technique Analysis on the Weeping Wyvern by at lego dot joey on Instagram.  Swipe to see how this mystical dragon was made!  Image is of a brown wyvern, which is a type of dragon. The Weeping Wyvern is brick built. It has long delicate green wings that look like weeping willow vines.

The abdomen of the dragon comes from a 2017 buildable Chewbacca turned upside-down. See set 75530. Image shows a small  display of the built Chewbacca set. Secondary image shows Chewbacca's torso, which is part 21561pb16.  Other Chewbacca parts are used as well. Can you spot them on the Wyvern's arms? Image shows the back of the wyvern, with Chewbacca's shin plates on the wyvern's arms.

Perhaps the most standout feature of this dragon is its wings. The wings are made from the new flexible green hose, bar clip, and various leaves. The new flexible green hose is part 2630.  The leaf-wings are supported by clips and rounded technic plates, which allow for the curved wings. The rounded technic plates are able to be set at angles, which give the wyvern  its graceful wings.  Images show the wyvern vine-wings without leaves and with the brown technic plates for bony structure. Instructions include how to attach a leaf to a bar clip,

The thick tail has been chopped off, revealing a 2x2 round wood tile connected to a minifig tree costume. Flexible hose wraps around like vines. Minifig tree costume is part 35827.  There are no connection points inside this tree trunk, so @lego.joey inverted a tire and used the grip of the rubber to hold a technic ball joint. The tree  trunk is part 30131.  Image includes a close up of the tail section of the wyvern, which includes a tree truck, minifig tree costume, vines, and more.

The wyvern toes clip on to the foot. The center toe is held in place by the centered bar. The tree cylinder stabilizes the sturdy leg. Tree cylinder is part 60373. And be sure to check out the goat poster!  Image shows a close up of wyvern legs and a graphic showing how the mechanical arm connects to a bar.

The expressive head uses a car hood for the forehead (98835) and the newer inverted corner (4190).

Inverted corners and slopes continue down the spine of the wyvern. Mudguards and inverted corners create the perfect texture for pokey scales!  Image includes a close up of the wyvern's back, including a reconstructed section of its spine.

Wyvern wings close into a weeping willow. But look closely - the tree is alive!  "I thought that a sad tree dragon with wings made of dangly branches like a weeping willow was such a strong concept in terms of visuals and the alliterative wordplay that I had to figure out how to actually make it happen." Quote by @lego.joey.  Check out @lego.joey for more wonderful builds!  Image shows a picture of the wyvern wings folded up like a weeping willow tree and a close up where just the eye is picking through the branches.


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