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#2372 MOC OF THE WEEK: UCS Loader-Dozer by @pacific_brick

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Let’s dig into this remake of the Loader-Dozer from the Rock Raiders theme that @pacific_brick submitted for LEGO Ideas. While it may not become a set at this time, this modern interpretation of the 1999 set upscales everything to an impressive size.

Tips & Bricks #2372 MOC OF THE WEEK: UCS Loader-Dozer by @pacific_brick Let’s dig into this remake of the Loader-Dozer from the Rock Raiders theme! Image of the Loader-Dozer, a large 4-wheeled vehicle with a Digger Bucket on the front, a Trans-Neon Green energy crystal, and brown Rock Monster, all upscaled and modernized.

History The Rock Raiders (1999) followed a crew of explorers as they searched for energy crystals on a distant world, all while fighting off Rock Monsters. Image of the 6 crew Rock Raiders and of the energy crystal. Image of Rock Raiders concept art. The Loader – Dozer, #4950, was 1 of 8 sets in the line. Image of the Loader – Dozer box art.  Known for its vehicle design, colour palette, the Rock Monster and Trans-Neon Green crystal, let’s look at how @pacific_brick modernized this set for a LEGO Ideas submission!  Image of the Rock Monster.

Starting with the Digger Bucket and the Tires, these pieces set the scale of the MOC! Image of the UCS Loader – Dozer and the original, smaller, Loader – Dozer set.  Part 15265 Technic Digger Bucket 15 by 23, Black  Part 18450 Tire 81.6 by 44 R, Black

The iconic windscreen found on all of the major Rock Raider vehicles is recreated using a combination of Technic and bars. 30298 Windscreen 10 by 14 by 2 2/3 Roll Cage Breakdown of how the windshield is built is shown along with a zoomed in image of the MOC:  32013 Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Angled #1, Brown 32016 Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Angled #3 - 157.5 degrees, Reddish Brown  6538c Technic, Axle Connector 2L (Smooth with x Hole + Orientation), Reddish Brown

The printed slope from the Rock Raider theme is still used as detailing.   Part 3298px1, Slope 33 3 by 2 with Air Vents Pattern, Dark Turquoise  Image of the front of the UCS Loader – Dozer showing the teal, printed slope as detailing.  And taking advantage of the scale and not seen in the original, the back is accessible for the two pilots. Image of the back of the UCS Loader – Dozer with an opening in the back for the minifigs to board in and out of.

This upscaled energy crystal uses Trans-Neon Green to its full potential. Part 52 Rock 1 by 1 Crystal 5 Point, Trans-Neon Green Part 3023 Plate 1 by 2, Trans-Neon Green Part 3039 Slope 45 2 by 2, Trans-Neon Green The Trans-Neon Green crystal was introduced in Rock Raiders and would return in the theme’s spiritual successor, the Power Miners.  Image of The Power Miners’ Crystal King box art.

Finally, numerous pieces with interesting textures recreate the Rock Monster at an impressive Kaiju-scale. Part 47456 Slope, Curved 3 by 2 by 2/3 with 2 Studs, Wing End, Reddish Brown Part 47759 Wedge 2 by 4 Triple, Reddish Brown Part 3685 Slope 75 2 by 2 by 3 Double Convex, Reddish Brown Part 64867 Wedge 4 by 4 Fractured Polygon Top, Reddish Brown

While the LEGO Ideas submission did not become a set at this time, be sure to check out more of @pacific_brick ‘s work! Image of UCS Loader – Dozer, the Rock Monster and the Energy Crystal. And for more Rock Raiders content, check out our Theme Tribute to the theme, Post #1626! Image of Tips & Bricks Post #1626 Theme Tribute: Rock Raiders.


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