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#2373 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Cad Bane & Todo by @gghost_123

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In today's technique analysis we take a look at the ingenious connections, techniques, and parts used to create the Star Wars Galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter, Cad Bane, and his droid sidekick, Todo 360. These iconic characters from the Clone Wars series are recreated perfectly in LEGO bricks! Make sure to check out @gghost_123 here and on Flickr for more incredible builds!

#2373 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Cad Bane & Todo by @gghost_123 A MOC of Cad Bane stands on a circular black base, He has a dark brown wide rimmed hat, blue skin with red eyes, and a brown leather jacket. His droid sidekick Todo 360 hovering next to him with the help of a transparent clear stand. Todo is light bluish grey with transparent light blue flames coming out of his feet. Let’s find out what techniques are used to create this incredible recreation of the Star Wars galaxy’s greatest gunslinger!

The notorious bounty hunter Cad Bane, and his droid assistant Todo 360, first debuted in The Clone Wars TV show, but have since made appearances in The Bad Batch and the Book of Boba Fett!  The first Cad Bane minifigure was released in 2010, and Todo in 2022, over a decade apart! Image of the original Cad Bane minifigure from 2010, from set number 8128. Next to him is the Todo 360 piece from 2022, released in set number 75323.  This iconic character design is recreated extremely faithfully in the LEGO medium by @gghost_123. Picture of gghost’s Lego build compared to a picture of Cad Bane from the Clone Wars. Everything is recreated very accurately!

Image showing close up of Cad Bane’s torso. He has blasters holstered on his hips, and a belt with silver pieces representing ammo. The sprue between the Ninjago shuriken pieces are used to represent Bane’s bullet belt. They are connected with roller skates inserted into the underside of a jumper plate! Image showing a jumper plate (15573) with 3 roller skate parts (11253) inserting into its underside. The silver shuriken sprue pieces (19807) then connect to the other end of the roller skate.  The holstered blasters use a mechanical arm (98313) clipped onto the tip of a bar to replicate the curve of the hand grip.  Minifigure moustaches (15439) fill in the gaps of the elbow joint! A dark tan roller skate (11253) creates the look of buttons on Bane’s undershirt.

Cad Bane’s iconic hat has a rather intricate assembly at its core, making use of handlebars, hot dogs, and minifigure hands! An image of the assembly with part 90202 in reddish brown at its core with a reddish brown hot dog (33078) connecting to the front clip, and minifigure hands (983) in dark brown connecting onto the ends of the hot dog. Silver handlebars (30031) connect onto the side clips of the central piece. An 8x8 dish (3961) in dark brown is perfect for the hat’s rim! The shirt collar is made with angled 1x2 rounded plates with horn pieces filling in the hollow studs. Image shows a dark tan 1x2 rounded plate (35480) with a dark tan horn part (53451) being inserted into it’s top hollow stud to fill in the hole.

The build for Cad Bane’s head is incredibly complex, with tons of unique connections. The eyes are made of 1x1 stamp pieces (20482) in red unconnected but secured into place by an overlying 3L bar with blue minifigure hands (983) on the ends. A multi-coloured breakdown image shows the complex internals of the build for Cad Bane’s head. The core of the head is built around a nozzle piece (4599) with two 1x1 round plates with bar extension (32828) sandwiching around it. A blue 1x1 cone (4589) perfectly represents the shape of Bane’s nose-area!

Bane’s gangly blue fingers are recreated perfectly with the use of minifigure hands clipped onto bars. The image shows a reddish brown neck bracket part (28974) with 4 1x1 round plates with horizontal bar (32828) in reddish brown stacking together into the neck hole of the bracket. Blue minifigure hands (983) connect onto the tips of the bars.  The relatively new corner roof/pagoda curved tile (4190) in dark brown is used to give the fabric of the trench coat a natural curve. The rocket boots exhaust is simply represented by an action pose part (65578) in light bluish grey.

Much like his master, Todo 360 is riddled with interesting techniques and parts usages! The front of the face is constructed with the 2 semi-circular sides clipping in and sandwiching a hose nozzle in the middle. It’s only held in via friction. The image shows semicircular light bluish grey 1x2 jumper plates (1745) clipping into a light bluish grey 1x2 double clip plate via black 1x1 round plates with handle (79194). A light bluish grey nozzle (60849) is wedged in the middle of the 2 dies of the face.  The part 50018d in silver from a Minifigure accessory pack allows an easy stud reversal with just a one plate thickness! Here it’s used to connect the neck clip to the head. Silver Forks (79741) used as Todo’s hands, and transparent light blue candle flames (37775) plug into light bluish grey stamp pieces (20482) for the boosters on his feet!

What was your favourite technique featured in this build? Tell us in the comments! Don’t forget to follow @gghost_123 on Instagram and Flickr to see more incredible MOCs!


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