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#2391 SET REVEAL: Barad-dûr

High above Mordor on the Plateau of Gorgoroth, looms Barad-dûr, Fortress of Sauron! The highly anticipated second playset for the LEGO LOTR return is finally here, and it is absolutely epic! Let us take you behind the scenes with designers Antica Bracanov and Ashwin Visser to see all this set has to offer.

Will you make this set your precious?

Number 2391 SET REVEAL: Barad-dur. The eye of Sauron looms at the top of a massive black tower, as Frodo and Sam look on from a rock vignette at the side. This set retails for 399.99 pounds, 459.99 dollars, and 459.99 euros for 5,471 parts. Let us take you behind the scenes of the newly revealed Lord of the Rings set. We interviewed designers Antica Bracanov and Ashwin Visser at fan media days in Denmark.

Minifigures. The set features 10 minifigures, including: Gollum, Hobbits Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, the Mouth of Sauron, five orcs, and Sauron himself! Barad-dûr marks the very first appearance of a Sauron minifigure in a LEGO set! New helmet molds, including the orc helmets Frodo and Sam disguise in! At RLFM Days we saw a few prototypes.

The Entrance. High above Mordor on the Plateau of Gorgoroth, looms Barad-dûr, Fortress of Sauron! In LEGO set form, it’s assembled in multiple sections. The entrance is set above lava, with a door that slide upwards to open. Lava continues under to the interior of the tower as a river in the forge. Gears rise and lower a skeleton in a cage above the lava.

The Dining Hall, with plenty of meats and green liquid leaking from a vat. Little in-depth accounts of Barad-dûr’s interior allowed  designers to take some creative liberties with the space. So they filled it with everything that a fortress needs, including a dining hall. And as you know, orcs are always happy when meat is on the menu!

The Throne Room has a glorious brick built black throne for Sauron to sit in. A ball joint sits in front of the room. Pull the ball joint and Sauron’s Throne splits open to reveal his Palantír! Sauron’s Palantír shows the burning of the White Tree of Gondor! There is a map of Middle Earth on the back wall!

The Upper Tower. What a great detail the designers included here! A tile with a sticker that has numbers and lines on it. The numbers are 3,7,9, and 1. Do you recognize it? Here’s a hint:  3 rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, 7 for Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone 9 for Mortal Men doomed to die… 1 for the Dark Lord on his dark throne! In a scene from the Extended Editions, we see the Mouth of Sauron brandishing Frodo’s (formerly Bilbo’s) Mithril chainmail, which is included on a tile. There is also a large portrait of Sharon holding the ring!

Perched atop Barad-Dur is the all-seeing Eye of Sauron! It’s no eclipse, but you most certainly want to avoid its gaze! Antica shared that she started the design with the Eye! Finding its size and shaping dictated the scale for the rest of the build! There is a light brick included to illuminate the eye in red light. There are new recolors galore in this eye, including 23861 in trans-orange, 30099 in dark orange, 65734 in dark orange, 3504 in reddish brown, and 61406pb04 in dark orange.

This set is a pinnacle example of LEGO color theory. All of the brown and orange tones throughout, especially at the spire, make the entire building look like it is glowing from firelight! This was one of the first ideas Antica devised for the build. An example of this is the gradient of black, browns, and oranges from the base of the tower into the lava. This adds an element of realism and breaks up what could have been a monotonous all-black build… genius!

Brad dur is available on for Insiders starting June first! Plus a GWP from June 1-7, the Fell Beast! With purchases of multiple sets, the middle sections are stackable to create a mega tall tower. Will you be acquiring this precious set? Let us know in the comments below!

Barad-dûr is £399.99 / $459.99 / €459.99 for 5,471 parts. It is available on for Insiders on June 1st with a GWP - the Fell Beast! 


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