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#2414 SET REVIEW: 76269 Avengers Tower

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Avengers Assemble! Earth ‘s mightiest heroes need a headquarters just as epic as they are and this certainly provides.

Our Score is 20/25 and the set costs £429.99, $499.99 or €499.99 for 5261 parts

[Review products provided by the LEGO group, but all opinions are our own and honest - we don’t have to praise sets to keep receiving them.]

#2414 SET REVIEW: 76269 Avengers Tower  The set features the Tower, a Microfighter Quinjet and a Leviathan build. 30 Minifigures are included. Our Score is 20/25 and the set costs £429.99, $499.99 or €499.99 for 5261 parts Avengers Assemble! Earth ‘s mightiest heroes need a headquarters just as epic as they are and this certainly provides.

Part Selection: So many useful parts, there are all the parts with between 30 – 166 inclusions in this set depicted. The are also some interesting parts like golden claws or D-SNOT bricks featured!

52 Stickers are included and two brand new vinyl pieces, those being visions cape and wasps wings. Though there are no new pieces, there are 12 new recolours in this set. This set boasts a fantastic number of bulk pieces which will interest most MOC-Builders. Naturally the colour palette is more on the bleak side and the huge number of stickers keep this set from reaching a perfect part score. But the recolours alone are really great! So, our final score for the parts selection is 4/5.

Minifigures: Thor 2x Captain America Hulk (Rotating Big Fig Head, new torso, leg and head print) Tony Stark Iron Man Mark 6 (Damaged, new torso and helmet print) Iron Man Mark 7 Black Widow (new leg print) Hawkeye (new leg and torso print) Erik Selvig Nick Fury Pepper Potts Loki 4x Chitauri Warrior

Vision (new torso, leg and head print) Scarlet Witch Falcon (new torso, leg and head print) War Machine Ultron (Iron Legion Version, new torso, leg and head print) Dr. Cho (new torso print) 2x Shield Agent (new torso print) Agent Stank (new torso print) Alexander Pierce Wasp (Uses the same head as Pepper Potts in this set, new torso and helmet print) Wong Kevin Feige (new torso and head print)  Wasp was featured because she was one of the first members of the Avengers. But Wong ‘s inclusion is a sore point as he is featured in a huge number of sets and has nothing to do with the tower. While there are 30 figures and only half of the characters are reused, only 5 new face prints are included which is a shame. We still feel like this minifigure selection is worth the money! The Score is 4/5.

Techniques: All of the Chitauri army build make use of a lot of hinge pieces, like the steering bar 98397, the ball joint 22484 and the claw piece 92220 giving them a spiny aesthetic. A buildable version of Mark 7 can be attached to Tony and the outside of the tower to recreate the amazing scene where tony jumps from the tower! When looking at the Microfighter Quinjet the side panelling on the front of the wings actually has only one attachment point. The thrusters just clip in place at the rear end of the Quinjet.

The minifigures can be easily posed thanks to technic pin holes on the exterior! This Avengers logo looks so clean! It consists of three different segments: The round circle, the A line and the outer two A lines connected with a hinge piece 2429 The top of the tower has three different access possibilities: One part is on a hinge, the other two are just slotted into place. One of these Roof pieces uses segments on the flexible hose 32199 to create a round surface.

Hulk ‘s cell from the Helicarrier was featured since it‘s an iconic location, but that still doesn‘t mean we wouldn‘t have preferred  an Iron legion factory or  living quarters. The cell doesn’t even fit the Hulk, but Loki can fit in. The same fake elevator design from the Daily Bugle set makes a comeback! By removing the front façade, which just rests on the other walls, it‘s easy to access the interior. By using multiple small glass windows, the glass bridge, where Captain America has an identity crisis, is constructed. The only downside to this build is the quite repetitive facade building experience. But there still are a lot of cool techniques used to create all the cool rooms. We scored it 4/5.

Accuracy: Dark transparent cockpit windows would have worked much better than the trans blue ones for the Quinjet. The exterior of the tower, the Quinjet and the Leviathan are very much in a nano-scale, with the interiors being in Minifig-scale. This makes a lot of sense and offers a better display value. But as mentioned in the Techniques section, why is Hulk ‘s cell included as well as Wong?!

Final Thoughts: With a price per piece of 0.08£ / 0.10$ / 0.10 € this set is in line with a lot of the other Marvel sets. For your money you will get huge bulks of grey pieces and windows. But don’t buy this set in the hope to get some unique colourful bricks and plates. The minifigure selection is also a great way to get most of the iconic characters without buying other recent sets like the Quinjet. Value for the Money is 4/5. Displaying this set is certainly difficult with a height of 36 “or 90 cm, but it’s definitely worth it. Check out post #2204 „Reveal + Interview “if you want to see more details of this amazing set that you can display! The Value for Display is 4/5.


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