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#2441 SET REVIEW: 75364 Star Wars New Republic E-wing vs. Shin Hati’s Starfighter

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Star Wars Ahsoka has finally bought the iconic E-wing starfighter into canon, and now we have a LEGO set depicting it, as well as a new villain ship with a unique design and bright colours. This set also includes a lot of desirable minifigures from the Ahsoka series, with Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati, and Morgan Elsbeth, the 3 major villains from the first half of the show. Is this Star Wars 2-pack worth a buy? Find out in our review!

#2441 SET REVIEW: 75364 New Republic E-wing vs. Shin Hati's Starfighter. £94.99, $109.99, €104.99 for 1036 parts. The recent trend of LEGO Star Wars two-packs has finally bought us an E-wing! Is the other starfighter worthy enough to be its adversary? Find out in our review! Our score: 17 out of 25. Swipe for our full review! The image shows the white and blue E-wing and the yellow, dark red, and grey Shin Hati’s starfighter giving chase behind, flying through space.

[Review products provided by the LEGO group, but all opinions are our own and honest – we don’t have to praise sets to keep receiving them.] #gifted #rlfm

Part selection: NEW PRINTS: Trans-Clear Windscreen 8 x 4 x 2 with 2 Studs and Bar Handle with printed E-wing canopy design, x1, Trans-Clear Windscreen 6 x 4 x 2 Round with Bar Handle with printed bright light orange Shin Hati cockpit design, x1. Some great prints for the 2 starfighters’ cockpits! We’re glad we don’t have to apply any pesky stickers to the trans-clear canopies! NEW RECOLOURS: Windscreen 6 x 4 x 2 Round with Bar Handle in Dark Red, x1. INTERESTING PARTS: Modified brick 1 x 2 x 1 2/3 with Studs on Side and Ends in bright pink, x1, inverted 2x4 tile in black, x2, D-snot brick 1 x 1x 2/3 in black, x12, Half round tile 1 x 1 in dark bluish grey, x9, Tri-axle connector in reddish brown, x1, candle stick in light bluish grey, x4, Inverted sloped 45 degrees 2 x 1 with 2/3 Cutout in dark bluish grey, x2. RARE PARTS: Bracket 2 x 6 with 1 x 6 SNOT area in Light Bluish Gray, x2, wedge plate 6 x 4 left and right in dark red, x2 for both respectively, slope 10 degrees 1 x 6 in white, x2, panel 1 x 3 in bright light orange, x2, technic half bushing in dark pink, x3. STICKERS: 13 stickers in total, most are small, used for mechanical and pattern detailing on both ships.   SCORE: 2 out of 5 for parts selection Whilst we appreciate the two nicely printed canopies and the decently useful recolour, not much else stands out in this set’s part selection. A lot of the greebly parts would come in handy in Star Wars MOC building.

Minifigures: LEGO Baylan Skoll minifigure. His face prints have a white beard, one expression with a straight face and the other scowling. He has grey hair and black robes. He wields a red lightsaber. All new prints for the torso, head, and legs.  LEGO Shin Hati minifigure. Her face prints have cheekbones visible and eye shadow, one expression with a straight face and the other scowling. She has short tan hair and dark tan robes with silver arms. She wields a red lightsaber. All new prints for the torso, head, and legs, and a new hair recolour! LEGO Morgan Elsbeth minifigure. Her face prints have a small grey facial marking on her forehead, one expression has a slight smirk, the other is scowling. She has a dark tan hairpiece with an ornate bun at the back and has dark red robes with a black dress piece. All new prints for the torso and head, and anew hair mould! LEGO Captain Porter (E-wing Pilot) Minifigure. His face prints have a black moustache, goatee, and stubble, one expression has the visor and chinstrap down, and the other does not. He wears a dark blue rebel pilot helmet and has a blue and white pilot jumpsuit. He wields a small pistol. All new prints for the torso, head, legs, and helmet! LEGO New Republic astromech droid minifigure. A yellow and blue astromech droid. All new prints! SCORE: 4 out of 5 for minifigures. This set includes all the major villains (besides Thrawn) from the Ahsoka series, as well as the pilot and astromech for the E-wing, all with excellent prints!                      However, Baylan and Shin should’ve included capes and accurate orange lightsabers.

Techniques: E-wing: An elaborate construction of varying Technic liftarms is locked into place to create a secure and subtly angled foundation for the wings of the E-wing to be built upon. A 3L liftarm, part number 32523, locks the wing’s angle into place. Rubber axle connectors, part number 45590, provide a soft stopper for the fold out landing gear on the underside of the E-wing, meaning they aren’t stressed when force is pushed down on the ship. The subtle tapering of the E-wing’s nose is achieved via hinge plates, part number 2429c01, stopped from shifting by a central technic axle locked into 1x1 technic axle bricks, part number 73230.

Techniques continued: Shin Hati’s starfighter: Whilst the E-wing utilizes some interesting techniques, Shin Hati’s starfighter is relatively basic. The front engine intake assembly is the most complex technique in this starfighter. Panel sections with Technic plates on the underside attach to tri-axle connectors, part number 57585, to create the recognizable rounded opening. Images show the separate sub-assemblies coming together to form the bright light orange cylindrical front engine opening of Shin Hati’s starfighter.  Score: 3 out of 5 for techniques. The E-wing makes use of some fun and relatively complex techniques, but nothing astounding. However, Shin Hati's starfighter is quite simple in its construction.

Features: The E-wing’s landing gear retracts smoothly and tucks away neatly under the wings and nose. An image of this is shown, with red arrows showing the movement of the landing gear, and how it folds up for flight.  Hidden compartments galore! Both ships have built in storage areas for the pilot's accessories. The E-wing has a storage compartment under the pilots seat, where the pilot’s pistol is stored for flight.  Shin Hati’s starfighter has storage overkill! The opaque dark red windshield behind the cockpit opens to store the lightsaber, but the front of the ship also removes to reveal a large compartment. There’s an even smaller compartment hidden under that to store an included pistol!

Accuracy: The E-wing build is very accurate to the E-wing in the show. The only discrepancy is that the cockpit shape should be longer and narrower. Perhaps the pointed windscreen, part number 98878, would’ve been a better choice? Image of the E-wing from the Ahsoka series compared to the E-wing build from the set, the LEGO build captures many of the details! We don’t get great looks at Shin Hati’s starfighter in the show, but from the glimpses we do see the LEGO build is very accurate!  Image of the starfighter from the Ahsoka series compared with the ship’s build from the set, The LEGO version captures many of the real thing’s colours and shapes.  Score: 5 out of 5 for accuracy Even though these ships never meet on screen in the Ahsoka series, each build is very accurate to their source material.

Value for money: The set retails for £94.99, $109.99, €104.99 for 1036 parts. Score: 3 out of 5 for value for money. With a price per piece of 9.0p/10.4c/9.9c, this set is what you expect for the price. The fact that you get 2 builds instead of 1 increases the value for both display and play, and this set includes 3 desirable minifigures with the 3 villains from the Ahsoka series.


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