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#269 Monday's MOC of the Week: Piratical Prevention Platoon

Today's MOC feature is a diorama by Mark of Falworth on Flickr. The MOC shows the Piratical Prevention Platoon on a mission to rid the Moon of pirates, and features some great techniques. Check out Mark's profile here:

This MOC shows some great landscaping by Mark, using a variety of slopes and curved slopes to create a natural landscape. I love the texture he has managed to create with a mixture of studs and tiles to show the rocky surface.

The Piratical Prevention Platoon are shown protecting some moisture pumps, but the main focus of this MOC is the awesome mech suit. This has been crafted with technic to give it a mechanical look, and ball joints to allow the mech to move. The bright blue pieces help the mech suit and minifigures stand out against the tan surface, providing a nice contrast.

Finally, I love the part uses Mark has chosen that provide great detail on the mech suit and the moisture pumps. This build is actually his entry for a MOC competition on Flickr, where the challenge was to use the minifigure goblet piece (2343). The piece is used in this MOC in numerous places; how many of the part can you spot?


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