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#276 Monday's MOC of the Week: Rebel base on Yavin IV

Today's MOC feature is stunningly simple yet beautiful recreation of the a busy hangar bay in the Rebel base on Yavin IV. It was built by Paul Trach, also known as Disco86 on Flickr, who has created many awesome scenes in LEGO from Star Wars and other themes. Check out his Flickr here:

The build is incredibly clean, with the perfect amount of detail to look amazing but not overcrowded. Yellow highlights have been incorporated into the build, which contrast well to the other natural colours of tan and olive green. The moss attached to the walls looks great, with not only classic leaf pieces being used, but also whips to shown the snaking vines. Details like this help elevate the build to this level; something everyone should try and do in their MOCs to stand out.

Some great techniques have been used, such as SNOT (Studs Not On Top) on the floor to create the markings. Paul has built with SNOT both ways, in order to have the floor line up perfectly and have the lines going both up and sideways. He has also textured the walls with only a few pieces; textured bricks such as the 1x2 with brick pattern, and 1x1 slopes inside the walls. This coupled with the greebling on the grey walls adds a great amount of detail and accuracy to the build.

Make sure to check out Paul's Flickr above for more builds such as the ones pictured below:


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