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#311 Monday's MOC of the Week: Revival

Today's MOC feature is a MOC titled Revival by Shire. on Flickr. Check out the post here:

When I first saw this build, I was immediately taken aback. The closer you look, the more details and awesome techniques you can find.

My favourite of which is the tree design, which seems to use hinges to create the unique and futuristic design. Next up, I love the texture of the ground that Sheo has created. Upon zooming into the picture, you can see that the opposite side of plates are used, and bars are placed inside the anti-studs. This gives an awesome design that I have never seen used before.

Lastly, the building itself is packed with details, such as the fancy flooring on the ground floor, cracked walls, smashed windows and lettering; these elements come together with the rest of the MOC for a truly stunning model.

Make sure to follow Shire on Flickr if you aren't already, and if you're interested in more photos of the model, watch this YouTube video:


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