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#324 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Circles and cylinders

It's Sunday, so today I will be showcasing 6 techniques. Here are 6 circle and cylinder designs, all of which use interesting techniques, from hinges to Studs Not On Top. Let's take a look:

1. - Advanced hinge usage - hinges are arranged in a way such that the 2x4 slopes attached line up with each other very well, with only small gaps between them.

MOC by Joe Miller:

2. - Bar attached technique - bar connectors in dark bluish grey have been attached to circular pieces, and connected to plates to create a cone.

MOC by James Shields:

3. SNOT and lots and lots of plates - this is a great technique for creating cylinders with a small diameter, although if I were to use this techniques I'd replace a lot of the plates with bricks to save on parts.


4. Slopes and SNOT - built sideways, a circle has been created from modified bricks with studs on their sides and 1x3 slopes.

MOC by Larry Lars:

5. Hinge bricks + brackets - 1x2 tiles are arranged in a brick pattern using a combination of 1x2 hinge bricks and 1x4 brackets.

MOC by Jeremy Wong:

6. Brick bending - this design concept of using 1x1 cylinders as well as 1x3 bricks can be used to create cylinders of any size. Other cylinders can be created without the 1x1 cylinders, but these tend to be much bigger as less of a bend can be achieved.


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