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#336 Favourite Brick Friday: 20482 Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Bar and Pin Holder

This week's favourite brick is a fairly new piece that some of you may not be aware of; it's the 1x1 nozzle, technically called Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Bar and Pin Holder.

This piece is unique to any that have come before it, as instead of a stud atop the 1x1 round tile, it has a bar like protrusion. This allowed for numerous techniques, everything from building upside down to attaching other pieces to make fences.

The unique shape of the piece also makes it great by itself, for use in interiors as nozzles or other details such as greebling.

Here is the piece on BrickLink:{"iconly":0}

Pictures from Brickset, New Elementary, and Pizzeria MOC on LEGO Ideas:


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