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#346 Monday's MOC of the Week: Mechs by Jeff Churill

Today's MOC feature was subimitted to me by Jeff Churill, who produces many miltary mechs that I really like. You can follow him on Flickr here:

What makes Jeff's mechs stand out from others are the decals he uses, and actually custom creates specifically for them. As well as this, the mechs include some great detailing with technic and other random parts, as well as good shaping of the overall bodies to create some intimidating models. There walker-like builds somehow remind my of AT-STs from Star Wars.

If you are interested in any of his decals, check out the Flickr link above. My personal favourite of the ones he offers is pictured, the diamond plate.

If you would like any of your MOCs to be features on future Mondays, just send this page a message using the button on our home page.


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