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#368 TECHNIQUES: Floor lights

Today's technique is one I happened upon by chance when sorting pieces, and it is the first time I have seen it used/made by anyone in the community.

It involves the 1x2 modified tile with handle, which can fit quite snugly into studs much like normal bricks and plates can. As shown in the pictures, it can be very useful for SNOT techniques as the connection is fairly strong and compact. The result is what I think would look great as low profile floor lights, such as the ones seen in the Echo Base on Hoth from Star Wars Ep5. It can even be positioned at 2 angles due to the slope, so the pieces connected are more visible.

If you try it out, you'll find the fit is a bit tight and a little strain is put on the pieces, but not much.

This technique is on my personal Flickr account, AJ_BrickDesigns, which you can follow here for all of the techniques I discover and the MOCs I design:


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