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#387 Monday's MOC of the Week: Ovenntrie Castle

Today's MOC feature is a wonderfully detailed and clean micro-build by designer Henjin_Quilones on Flickr:

It's located in a mythical land yet the castle's colour scheme reminds me a lot of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Sections of the walls and the bridge create some nice angles, and I love the little details such as the ornate boat passing under the bridge or the 1x2 modified bricks with grill used for the steps up to the castle.

The mix of dark brown and sand green in the natural landscape blend well, and what's even better is the detailed rocks worked into the cross section of the diorama.

Make sure to check out the link above to follow Henjin_Quilones for more mythical builds as well as custom minifigures.


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