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#389 TECHNIQUES: Corner techniques

Today we will look at 2 corner techniques, which can be used in your MOCs to make the corners of walls and buildings look much better than just regular bricks.

The first just uses SNOT (Studs Not On Top) bricks to angle the plates and attached tiles. The plates have been covered with tiles to give a smooth texture but the corner has some colour variation with both light bluish grey and dark blush grey being used to give an aesthetically pleasing look. You can see pictured an example of it used in a castle tower (sorry about the bad quality of the image though).

The second uses bracket pieces that are SNOT modified plates, and they can be arranged with other bricks and plates to make a corner. As you can see in the picture, this connection is strong, looks great as it is tiled and there is no gap in the corner. However, it may be harder to incorporate into your wall because of the brackets used instead of regular or modified bricks.

Remember you can send in your own techniques that you have created / discovered by sending this page a message or emailing


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