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#405 Favourite Brick Friday: 36752c01 Minifigure Wand

Like any fan of LEGO, I was excited for the return of Harry Potter sets to the mix; and one of my favourite additions are the new wand elements. These are much more detailed and to scale than the 4L bars used before, but did you know they also have some interesting other uses? And not just the wands, but the sprues they come attached to.

Firstly, I want to thank New Elementary for there amazing article (as always) on the new piece. They discover many useful nuggets of information about the new pieces, and come up with some clever uses such as fence detailing and anchors. The fence detailing is particularly interesting, as the sprue of the wands fit well into the base of lever pieces. Here is their article:

After seeing this, Andreas Lenander from Flickr put the technique straight into action, with his "Wandmill" MOC. Check it out here:

As well as this, Danny Green aka Mr.E.Mocs, has found a use for the unique point of the one end of the wand. He uses it for the bed knobs in a scene from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and has many other awesome builds on his recently made Flickr account. Check his post out here:

What's also great about this piece is that it comes in colours such as the classic browns but also unique ones like purple and dark orange.

Lastly, here is the piece on Bricklink:,%20Utensil%20Wand,%202%20on%20Sprue&category=%5BMinifig,%20Utensil%5D#T=S&C=88&O={"color":"88","iconly":0}


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