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#418 TECHNIQUES - Advanced positioning

Often on this page we look at the exterior of MOCs, but it's always useful to look inside the structure at the techniques used to create the intricate shaping of some models.

This technique was used by LegoSpencer for a build that has not been finished, but its still a great example and technique. Check out the video where it is discussed here:

This technique uses many hinge pieces which allows LegoSpencer to create the smooth and curved shape. This shape would be hard to accurately recreate with the normal procedure of stacking bricks, even if a selection of slopes or other specialist pieces are used.

He uses 1x2 hinged bricks and 1x4 swivel bricks to position the bricks at unique angles., while the 1x2 panels are used to close the gap between the sections.

This technique also introduces secondary plane building, meaning you are building bricks not just on one horizontal plane, but at different planes. This can enhance your MOC, as although it is more complicated and takes more time to work out, you can create smoother surfaces or add details to any side you wish.


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