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#426 Favourite Brick Friday: 99563 Minifig, Utensil Ingot / Bar

This week's favourite bricks is the 1x2 ingot, which is used by Patrick B. on Flickr to create an awesome wall design. Check out his post here:

This piece is usually just used as a finishing detail because of it's unique bevelled shape, but instead Patrick uses it's shape to create the unique texture of the wall. He does this by building up a combination of regular 1x2 plates and the ingot pieces. Some ingots are even placed upside down, all adding to the texture.

Here is the piece on BrickLink:,%20Utensil%20Ingot%20/%20Bar&category=%5BMinifig,%20Utensil%5D#T=S&C=86&O={"color":"86","iconly":0}


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