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#429 Monday's MOC of the Week: Micro-scale Hogwarts Express

This week's MOC is a microscale Hogwarts Express, by David Zambito on Flickr. It's his entry for the 'Microscale Magic' competition run by The Brothers Brick, and you can check it out here:

David is able to capture the magic of one of Harry's first experience within the Wizarding World scene very well, utilising a range of techniques. The most prominent being the stone texturing used for the bridge, which incorporates a range of small pieces and slopes positioned on their sides.

Contrast is also added to the scene with the vibrant green landscape beneath the bridge. David hasn't just used lime green though, and uses a range of greens to show the varied landscape. The river running through, the micro-scale trees and the cottage made from a book all add even more details to the model.

And finally; the Hogwarts Express itself. The carriages are shaped perfectly, with varying height for the roofs and the classic red, black and gold used throughout. The final finishing touch of the smoke made from white mechanical arms completes this magical build.

Make sure to follow David over on Flickr for some more awesome builds; everything from vehicles to more landscapes, such as the ones pictured.


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