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#433 Favourite Brick Friday: 6044 Slope 3 x 1 x 3 1/3 with Studs on Slope

This week's favourite bricks is 3x1x3 slope with studs, a piece rarely seen in MOCs. JBB_777 on Instagram reached out to me to suggest this piece, which he puts to great use in his Republic Gunship MOC. Check it out on Rebrickable here:

Despite it's lack of use, it looks great as you don't get any of the horrible ridges you would with regular slopes. It creates a perfect 45 degree angle, with no hinges or ridges in sight. Due to the studs on the side, it can be used to change the angle of building very effectively, like in the Blacktron Ravenwing Fighter and Leman Russ Tank by CK-MCMLXXXI on Flickr:

Here is the piece on BrickLink:{"iconly":0}


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