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#439 TECHNIQUES - Circular 1x2 tile wall design

Today's technique is an ingenious circular stone wall design, that positions 1x2 tiles using SNOT bricks. The technique was originally by Derfel Cadarn, but the MOC shown is by Nannan Zhang (links at the bottom of the post).

Firstly, Derfel creates a round base to build on using 1x2 hinge plates shown in the picture. These can be hinged to any angle, and allow him to build up 1x1 Studs Not On Top bricks and 1x1 studs. The SNOT bricks allow the 1x2 tiles to be attached, and the 1x1 studs allow these bricks to be slightly angled. This is important as it means the attached 1x2 tiles can form a perfect circle, and not stick out awkwardly.

A common issue with circular techniques like this one is they can be hard to connect to the rest of the MOC. Derfel cleverly uses turntables, which are attached to the main base and angle plates to connect with the 1x2 hinge plate base.

Check out the original technique here:

Head over to Flickr for more pictures of Nannan's MOC:


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