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#460 TECHNIQUES: Brick-built cylinders

Although LEGO produces their own cylinders and circular pieces, you are often limited to the sizes they offer. These two techniques have been used to create the specific size and details required for each build, so let's break both down.

The first is by Starwars4J on Flickr and uses circular parts for its creation. It is mostly made up of 1x1 cylinders, but 2M (2 studs in length) technic levers hold them together and allow rods to reinforce the whole thing. This structure can then be curved to create the cylindrical shape and could probably be adapted easily for different sizes. Check out his post on Flickr here:

The second is an incredibly sleek and clean design by CRCT Productions. He created this for his Shiptember MOC and mainly uses 1x1 SNOT bricks with studs on all sides. These position the outer panels at different angles and various pieces are built up to make sure there are no gaps between the panels. The shape created is the perfect size for a tyre to fit snuggly at the end too. Check out his post on Instagram here for bigger images:


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