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#476 BLOCKS October issue - Magazine review

Updated: May 1, 2021

Today I'll be reviewing the latest Blocks magazine, which is as vibrant and jam-packed as ever, with tons of content for fans of all ages. The release of the LEGO Ideas Voltron set is discussed as well as many other topics from the community.

You can see for yourself some of the content in the image and my highlights are as follows:

- Technic tutorials and the discussion and explanation of the complex mechanism used in the Bugatti Chiron - tips for lighting and photographing LEGO, with a behind the scenes look at the photography of the Joker Manor -Instructions for a mini Aston Martin DB5 and Hogwarts Express, showcasing some interesting technique and part uses - a showcase of how the piece 2473 Street Sweeper Brush can be used in MOCs - a hilarious article from The Brick Wife about the statistics of her husband's LEGO collection

A great issue once again giving an awesome insight into the many aspects of the LEGO community; there truly is something for every LEGO fan and even if one sections not for you, there are plenty others to enjoy.

If you're interested, you can start your subscription or order an issue here:

(Disclaimer: this is not a sponsorship so I’m not receiving any profit from their sales, their team were just kind enough to send my this issue. Therefore you can be sure this will be an unbiased and balanced review.)


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