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#486 TECHNIQUES: Creating smooth conical shapes

Using LEGO as a medium can make creating smooth and round shapes hard, but Steven Howard has shown it is possible with time, patience and a lot of parts in his Russian concept shuttle MAKS from the 80s.

He uses a variety of techniques, but everything is built off a strong technic frame. Attached to this are various parts to build out the shape and position hinges, joints and technic bricks at the correct angles to build the exterior panels off of. The pieces shown in the picture are some of those used and they allow Steven to create the smooth conical shape of the exterior with minimal gap between the pieces.

Steven has just built this in physical bricks, and is even working on instructions for those interested. Make sure to follow his Facebook page here for more information and pictures as it comes:

For those interested in picking up our Advanced LEGO building handbook (yes we do sell one of those ;)), the price will be going up to £15 for November, so if you'd like to get it for £10 you check out this link:


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