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#494 TECHNIQUES: Creating curved surfaces

Today's technique is used in a stunning MOC by Vlad Efremkin on Flickr; 'Firebird'. The shaping of the bird's tail in particular is phenomenal, and we'll be breaking down exactly how he created it.

It uses a simple selection of pieces; technic half pins, 1L clips and flex tubing. Multiple of the flex tubing can be positioned to create a frame from which the 1L clips are attached. The half pins are then connected to the bar of the 1L clips and plates, studs, or any other piece can be positioned on top. The beauty of this technique is that the clips can be positioned anywhere on the tubing, so all of the gaps can be filled. The flex tube can be curved because it is made from flexible plastic and all of the attached pieces will follow, creating the curved shape of the Firebird's tail.

Thanks to Vlad for taking the time to explain the technique, and make sure to follow him on Flickr here if you're not already:


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