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#503 Favourite Brick Friday: 15391 Stud Shooter

This week's favourite brick is the stud shooter, a piece introduced in 2014 as an alternative weapon that can actually fire 1x1 studs. They were therefore very popular with kids, but not very popular with the AFOL community, so today we'll be looking at some alternative uses for the stud shooter.

It's certainly got an interesting shape, all because of it's function of shooting studs, and this unique shape can be used to create some great details. For example, they have been used by Letranger Absurde as the Easter Island statues, and they represent them very well. View the post on Flickr here:

delayice on Flickr has also come up with another use; dead but detailed trees. The unique shape of the piece as well as the handle lend themselves to this technique, as the handles look just like branches. Other pieces could also be attached to this handles, creating even more dead branches. Check out delayice's MOC here:

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"color":11,"iconly":0}


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