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#514 TECHNIQUES: Curved shapes with slopes

Today's technique is by Jason aka Playwell Bricks, a brilliant creator who pushes boundaries with techniques. He has used very simple pieces to create interesting shapes such as curved roads and clocks, all with one ingenious yet simple technique.

This technique involves only two main components; slopes and hinges. Various brick-built sections are made up of regular bricks and slopes, with hinges positioned in the perfect place at the back of the sections. The sections are designed so that each one can clip to the next and form the curved shape, such as the clock or road.

This is a great technique to use because of the shapes you can create, but be prepared to use a lot of trial and error for the placement of the hinges to get the slopes to learn up perfectly!

Make sure you're following Jason on Flickr if you're not already and you can find instructions for the clock too:


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