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#517 Favourite Brick Friday: NEW PIECE, the inverted bracket

This week's favourite brick is a brand new piece; it actually hasn't been released yet! This piece is yet to be named as it has only appeared in the 2019 Minecraft set reveals, but I'll be calling it the inverted bracket, as it shares similarities with other brackets.

Despite the fact this piece hasn't be released yet, I believe it will be incredibly useful to MOC builders in the future. Just look at how it is used in the Minecraft sets; to go straight from a baseplate to building sideways. This unique piece is similar to the other brackets shown in the picture, but instead of having studs it has anti-studs, allowing it to attach to baseplates and other pieces in a different way to most other brackets.

Credit to Oscar Cederwall for pointing out this new piece and providing the images:


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