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#534 MOC of the Week: Playable Grand Piano

This week's MOC of the week seems almost too good to be true; a fully playable LEGO grand piano by SleepyCow. This model is actually on LEGO Ideas and it's nearly at 10,000 supporters, so if you'd like to see it as an official set you can support it here:

(edit, it's just hit 10,000 supporters!)

As well as having all 25 of the keys and being fully playable, the model has a bunch of other cool features. The stool's height can be raised and lowered, as well as many of the sections being able to hinge to reveal the inner workings.

Finally, the model is installed with power motors that can actually make the keys move automatically! Make sure you check the link below, as it shows a video of all of the features and it in action:


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