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#535 TECHNIQUES: Simplistic textured walls

Today's post will look at two simple yet highly effective wall techniques by Cab on Flickr. Check out his profile here and follow him if you're not already:

The first wall technique is very simplistic but the texture created looks great and gives a rugged appearance perfect for a huge range of MOCs. It uses tiles and inverted tiles, attaching them together to create various layers. The tiles are angled as much as possible to create the texture, and then the layers are connected with a back wall.

The second technique uses 3 main pieces: 1x1 modified bricks with stud on the side, 1L bars with mechanical claw and the 1x2 modified plates with handle. The mechanical claws are inserted into the modified bricks by different amounts, and this small difference is enough to offset the attached modified plates and create an interesting texture.


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