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#538 Favourite Brick Friday: Cylinder Hemisphere 11 x 11, Studs on Top

This week's favourite brick is the 11x11 hemisphere cylinder, used in the Star Wars planet series of sets from 2012-2013. The pieces come in many different designs and have some unique patterns that can be utilized for a range of MOCs, both as a hemisphere and a perfect sphere.

Sheo on Flickr used the Death Star sphere as the center of his 'Space Fish' MOC, as it has the perfect dimensions for the job. Check out the post on Flickr here:

Jonas Wide used the marbled pattern of the hemisphere from the Yavin 4 planet set to create the domes for his ‘Aslanic Temple in Barqa’ MOC, and the result is stunning; the pieces seem to have been made for this role! Check out his post on Flickr here:


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