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#555 TECHNIQUES: Brick 'bending'

We love to share building techniques on this page that use regular bricks so that you can build them yourselves! And this technique is perfect in that regard but can also yield some amazing results when you want to create curved shapes for your MOCs.

The technique in question is called brick 'bending' because it involving using basic bricks that are stacked with one side slightly raised. This creates a gradual curved or 'bending' shape. Despite it's utility for everything from buildings to space stations, this technique is limited by the angle of the curve you can create as well as how a lot of the gaps are not covered up.

However, other pieces can be added to improve the technique; for example, 1x1 'cheese' slopes can smooth out the outside. 1x2 plates can also be added to help make a secure connection when raising one side of the brick slightly.

There are many extensions of this technique; my favourite being one shown by Péter Ittzés, who creates an insane curve using basic bricks and plates! Check it out on Flickr here:


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