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#572 Favourite Brick Friday: 21098pb01 Minecraft Wolf Head

Minecraft is a LEGO theme that has yielded many uniquely useful pieces; but today we'll be looking at one the most specialised; the wolf head.

You might have wondered how it could ever be useful to your MOCs; well Jonas Kramm experimented with it and found a use for the pieces. When positioned backwards, the moulding of the piece is shown and can actually be utilised to create a detailed pattern, used for his "Shrine of Nature" MOC:

Just goes to show that almost every piece has a hidden use, as its application here is stunning.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:,%20Body%20Part%5D#T=P&C=86

Check out the article Jonas wrote for New Elementary here, which goes into more detail about the pieces:

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using the head of the angry wolf varient is a big flew. those ones are a pretty penny.

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