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#617 MOC of the Week: 'Yavin 4 from Battlefront 2' by First Order Lego

There are many awesome LEGO Star Wars dioramas, but this one by Luke aka First Order Lego truly hits all the spots, with fantastic detailing and a huge range of great techniques. Check out this video for some behind the scenes and close-ups pictures:

Luke has created this scene based of the game Battlefront 2 and the resemblance to the particular location is very impressive; I recognised it almost immediately. The level of detail he's integrated into the whole scene such as the weathered temple walls, cobblestone paths and towering forest trees show just how much time was put into every part, and the results are definitely worth it. I especially love the landscaping where Luke uses various colours that all blend together to create the forest floor and uneven terrain, and the whole temple features excellent use of parts to accurately create the walls and intricate shapes.

Make sure to check out the video above and to follow First Order Lego on Flickr here:


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