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#618 TECHNIQUES: Starfighter cockpit

Today we're fortunate to be showing you the techniques behind Martin Latta's latest creation; his UCS Jedi Starfighter. The entire build is stunning, but we're looking specifically at the cockpit and how the conical shape has been created. Check out the MOC on Flickr here:

The real tricks to the build are the specialist pieces it uses; the 8x4x2 curved windscreen (part no.30536) in transparent black at the front and 8x3x2 curved slopes in light bluish grey at the back The windscreens are positioned with a variety of hinges as seen, which allows them to be angled into the conical shape.

The back of the cockpit uses the 8x3x2 curved slopes that give a very smooth surface and these are positioned sideways with Stud Not On Top bricks. To fill in the gaps between these pieces, Martin has ingeniously used the triangular sign piece, positioning it with clips and a revolver piece; a very clever connection that fits the shaping so well! You can follow Martin on Facebook at Martin Latta's LEGO - thire5


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