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#619 TECHNIQUES: Brick bending applications

Brick bending; whether you've heard of this term or not, it's an incredibly useful tool for a builder's arsenal. Put simply, it involves connecting regular 1x bricks together so they are slightly angled, overall creating a bending affect that can be used to create cylinders or other curved shapes.

The technique has been used by Rocko on Flickr to create a cylindrical tower. In most scenarios, the combination of the 1x1 cylinders that allows the bricks to be angled can look ugly, but in this context it really adds to the texture of the wall. The technique allows Rocko to create a conical roof where all of the slopes used line up pretty well.

Rocko also used the technique to create a spiral staircase as he has built out from the curved wall, managing to make the steps sit flush next to one another and not show any gaps.

Check out both posts on Flickr here:


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