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#625 TECHNIQUES: Brick-built roads

Today we're looking at how you can create detailed brick-built roads for your LEGO cities. You could just use the road base-plates that LEGO produce but these two examples show how you can build bricks sideways to incorporate some great details.

Both use plates in white and yellow to create road markings and because the pieces are positioned on their sides, their thin profile is utilized, making them a better choice than just using regular tiles. These pieces will be positioned sideways using SNOT (Studs Not On Top) bricks, another name for bricks with studs on their sides. Modified bricks (bricks with protrusions, patterns or indents) such as the 1x2 masonry bricks can be positioned this way to create textured surfaces.

Check out the examples here:

By Dennis Tomsen on Flickr:

By Kevin Koehler on MOC Pages:


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