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#628 Favourite Brick Friday: 3176 2x3 modified plate w/hole

This week's favourite brick is the 2x3 modified plate with hole; a fairly common piece having appeared in over 700 sets ever since 1966!

The piece has an unique round shape that distinguishes it from others and makes it immediately useful in a variety of contexts. As pictured, it can be used for textured wall, roofs or even as a heart shape!

An interesting connection we found when playing around with the piece in digital design software was that two 1x1 headlight bricks can connect to the hole in the modified plate. This would allow for some interesting techniques such as for micro-scale scenes or vehicles and it's a good connection to be aware of.

Edit: this connection does NOT actually work! Try it with physical bricks and you'll see! We were tricked on the design software, but if you try and create it the studs of the headlight bricks connecting into the piece will collide, preventing you from connecting both completely. So, the tip to take from this is that only 1 modified brick can be attached to this piece at a time :/

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"color":"5","iconly":0}


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